About Us

Global Crew Management Operated by Marchant Mariners

At Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services, we specialize in delivering comprehensive crew management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of maritime businesses. Our wide range of services encompasses seafarer selection, recruitment, and contract management, all in accordance with ITF-approved agreements.

Backed by practical maritime experience, a dedicated team of experts, and an unwavering commitment to safety and quality, we stand as your dependable partner for all your maritime needs. At Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services, your success and satisfaction are our driving forces, and we look forward to serving you with excellence in the maritime industry.

Operating in key locations across Bangladesh, including Chattogram, Mongla, Payra, Pangaon ICT, and other IWCT regions, including private LPG Terminals, we offer a suite of services that includes Crew Management, Technical Management, ISM Management, Local Shipping Agency, Owner’s Protecting Agency, NVOCC Services, and Logistic Support.

Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction drives us to maintain strict compliance with industry regulations while continually leveraging innovative technologies to enhance our services. With an extensive global network and a vast database of talent, we swiftly identify the ideal candidates for your specific needs, simplifying the selection process and ensuring the best fit for your crew.

Our crew management system consists of streamlines documentation, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy in every aspect of our operations. We take pride in prioritizing a deep understanding of our clients’ unique requirements, allowing us to provide top-tier staff who excel in their roles.


Our Story

Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services Ltd. has embarked on a remarkable journey that has shaped the maritime industry in Bangladesh. Established in 2023, our company has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between the global demand for maritime crew and the abundant talent pool of seafarers that Bangladesh has to offer.

The maritime industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, demanding dedicated and skilled seafarers to navigate the world’s oceans. At present, the global demand for maritime crew stands at approximately 1.45 million, with over 790,500 of them being officers. However, the industry faces a critical shortfall of approximately 16,500 officers. Paradoxically, there is a surplus of around 119,000 ratings, a situation that underscores the need for more efficient recruitment and placement services.

In Bangladesh, we proudly represent a thriving community of approximately 10,000 active seafarers who serve on vessels across the world. The local training institutes continue to produce a steady influx of talented seafarers, ready to embark on their maritime careers. Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services Ltd. has taken upon itself the noble mission of connecting this rich pool of maritime talent with esteemed global shipping companies.

Our Mission

Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services Ltd. was founded with a vision to enhance the dignity of Bangladesh in the maritime industry. We strive to accomplish this mission by recruiting hardworking, sincere, and highly skilled seafarers, ensuring they find their rightful place in world-class shipping companies. Our commitment to professionalism, ethics, and excellence has made us a trusted partner for both seafarers and shipping companies alike.

As we look to the future, Aristocrat Merchant Marine Services Ltd. remains committed to fostering the growth of the maritime industry in Bangladesh and promoting the hardworking and skilled seafarers of our nation on a global stage. We are dedicated to expanding our reach and building lasting partnerships with world-class shipping companies.